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Co-Founders & Fine Jewelry Designers Victoria and Yaron

Juliet & Oliver Fine Jewelry Designers

Who We Are

Juliet&Oliver is a full-service, ethical and eco-friendly jewelry studio which specializes in handmade gold and gemstone jewelry emanating from morally-conscious pure resourcing. 

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Our Customers Say It Best...

We pride ourselves on offering unique and beautiful jewelry items backed by excellent customer service.

This page is a sample of some of the many positive comments we have received from our valued customers.

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Our Values -Handcrafted Nickel Free Jewelry



We are dedicated to preserving the tradition of handmade nickel free jewelry with an emphasis on high quality and innovative design.

We believe we have a responsibility to restore balance by replenishing what we have taken from nature.

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Handcrafted Jewelry Designs by J&O



The handcrafted jewelry designed by Juliet&Oliver is handmade with meticulous detail and attention to quality.

The diverse influences on our designs derive from personal stories, various epochs in design history (vintage, antique, art deco, etc), and the natural world around us. 

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Our Mission - ethical unique rings handcrafted by J&O



Our mission at Juliet&Oliver is to create beautiful unique rings which uphold the traditions of handmade jewelry design and provides a more eco-friendly alternative to otherwise environmentally harmful jewelry production. 

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