When it comes to a rustic wedding in 2017, there is no limit as to how far and wild the imagination can fly. The possibilities are boundless; the potential huge. There are no limits as to the details of that rustic themed invitation or wedding dress. The perfect country location and the décor and props for the celebration. Let the country winds disperse the seeds of creativity and envision the abundant yield. jghjklh


Rustic Wedding: The definition

The definition of a rustic wedding is a wedding styled on elements relating to the countryside. Elements of nature and farming are incorporated, which create a serene and carefree touch.

Rustic Style Handmade Engagement Ring

Rustic Style Handmade Engagement Ring

The description of a rustic wedding can be varied. It is the creation of something beautiful from the natural and imperfect. Many people choose a rustic theme in order to step away from the glamour and glitz of the perfectly polished wedding that once seemed obligatory.

It is an opportunity to create a retreat from the fast-paced techno world, in we all seem so caught up, and appreciate a refreshing backdrop of expansive fields or gently flowing rivers. It is a style made up of various characteristics which will not be the same to all tastes.

Rustic Wedding Decor

Rustic Wedding Decor

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Rustic Wedding Dress in 2017

The rustic wedding dress can be anything according to your perception of rustic. Long flowing fabrics or a shorter and simpler skirt, embroidery or lace, leaf and flower impressions, or an additional color or two added for character. A number of accessories can be incorporated in both the bride’s and the groom’s wear, as well as that of the retinue. Think of cowboy hats and boots, or seasonal flowers in the hair if you prefer a more feminine touch. Some denim or even tartan intertwined with the clothes will create uniqueness in your style and taste.

Rustic Wedding Dress - Instagram Photo by grace_loves_lace

Rustic Wedding Dress – Instagram Photo by grace_loves_lace

Rustic Wedding Invitation

Another aspect of the wedding is the style of the rustic wedding invitation. A font that looks like natural handwriting, or even prints of real handwriting, adds a natural touch. The invitation can be bound with string or a piece of hay. The color of the paper could fit in with the color scheme of the wedding or otherwise a rustic look of natural beige, grey or tan and a paper texture with a slightly rough and natural feel. Illustrations would depict farm and country themes.

Rustic Style Invitation - Instagram Photo by loveofcreating

Rustic Style Invitation – Instagram Photo by loveofcreating

Country Wedding Ideas

As for the rustic wedding venue décor, a cascade of ideas comes gushing forth. Color themes like grey and teal or deep purple would suit the winter and either delicate pastels or bright colors for the summer or spring. Sunflowers come to mind. The fall brings the harvest, and with it, its own special character. Orange, gold and tan are not too vivid, yet intense and passionate, and would blend in beautifully with fallen leaves or fields of ripe pumpkins for the photo backdrop. Other ideas for photo backdrops are trees by a lake, vineyards, fields of cows or sheep, the farmhouse, or the old barn.

Rustic Wedding Ring by Juliet&Oliver

Rustic Wedding Ring by Juliet&Oliver

Wood and wicker could feature prominently in the venue, with props ranging from little jars of jam and horseshoes to wooden ladders, barrels and even tractors and farm trucks.

The potential is so far-reaching. Take hold of it and create your own rustic wedding. Your inspiration will result in an authentic and magnificent event. Congratulations!

Written by julietandoliver