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Ring Sizing - Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

Finding your ring size

Whether you are looking to purchase a ring for yourself or for somebody special, it is important that you know the wearer’s proper ring size.
The easiest and most reliable way to find your ring size is by getting measured at a jeweler. If you don’t have access to a ring measure, however, a reliable home method is wrapping the base of your finger with a string or paper, marking the point at which it encircled the finger, and measuring the length to compare to a ring-size conversion chart (
No matter which method you decide to follow to find your ring size, it is recommended that you measure your finger at its largest to avoid a too-tight ring due to swelling. Your fingers are usually at their largest at the end of the day. Also keep in mind that your fingers on your dominant hand are most often larger by approximately half a size.
Are you planning on a surprise gift or surprise engagement ring? Don’t worry – there are ways to find out the perfect fit for your special someone! If asking a close friend or relative to find the ring size doesn’t work, try measuring the circumference of one of the recipients’ rings to compare to a ring size chart.
If you have any further questions, Juliet&Oliver is happy to assist you in determining your perfect fit!