Q: Does Juliet&Oliver accept returns?
A: If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, return it in its original, unworn condition for a 100% refund, without restocking fee. ALL returns, exchanges or credits must be previously authorized.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order once it has been submitted?
A: Yes, you can cancel the input at each stage or production and receive a full refund.

Q: How can I be sure that my purchase is genuine?
A: We guarantee the items we sell are as described, of genuine precious metal and gemstones, and of consistent high quality and value. We have a gemological certificate for GML stones over 0.ct. Each piece is stamped with a carat symbol of the jewelry facilitating regulations and country laws. We stand behind every item. We sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and hope that your jewelry exceeds your expectations.

Q: Can I get a ring I see on the website set with other gemstone(s)?
A: We are very flexible and we can accommodate almost any request concerning metal, stone or size. Please contact us with your request before purchasing your item to determine the availability and any possible additional costs.

Q: Do you offer custom orders?
A: Yes, you may contact us for requesting a custom order.

Q: Is my personal information secure?
A: We process all of our orders through the PayPal Secure Server, which utilizes the highest state-of-the-art industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect all personal information for secure e-commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information including credit card number, name and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. Millions of online orders are processed safely through PayPal every year. What this all means is that our customers can buy with confidence knowing that their credit card information is EXTREMELY safe and protected by the highest level of technology available. We also do not send unsolicited e-mail and NEVER sell or share any customer information with anyone.

Q: Can I see your jewelry in person?
A: All items are made to order as we do not carry a stock. Also, we do not have a retail location, and our jewelry designs are not sold in jewelry stores. You can feel comfortable contacting us with your questions. Purchasing fine jewelry directly from us through the web is easy and our 30-day return policy guarantees your satisfaction with every purchase. 

Q: Can I receive a discount?
A: The prices listed on our website are already discounted from regular retail prices. At this time, we can't offer more discount. Please follow our website and Facebook page for special offers and discounts.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We receive payments by PayPal only. Your purchase is protected by PayPal Buyer Protection.

Q: I live outside the US. Can I place an order in your website?
A: Yes, we ship items worldwide. Please review our shipping policy page regarding import duty.

Q: Is your packaging discreet?
A: Yes, we do not indicate on the package that a luxury item is being shipped. We ship all of our items with secure shipment from an address without an address and company name.

Q: Can you rush my order?
A: Yes, you can speed up the production of your order with an additional $70 fee for FedEx Fast Shopping 2-business day delivery time.

Q: I live in the U.S. Will my order be taxed?
A: Purchases made in the U.S. are not subject to any tax sales. All transactions are Tax Free!

Q: Why does it take 30 days to receive an item?
A: Each ring is made to order. This ensures that you as the buyer receive a ring casted especially to your size with high quality SOLID casting and no joints.

Q: How can I know my order status?
A: You can see your order status in your personal account information on the Juliet&Oliver website. We will also send you a status update of your order to your address.

Q: What is the life span of your rings? Can I wear it every day without damaging it?
A: You can wear your Juliet&Oliver ring every day without being concerned that it will break, as long as you are treating it with care. Refer to our jewelry care section for more information. In the event that the ring does become damaged, you can send us your ring repair. The defect repair cost varies according to damage.


Q: What is your position on Conflict Diamonds?
A: It is one of Juliet&Oliver’s goals to work towards ensuring that conflict diamonds and resources are no longer readily available. On principle, we do not use diamonds that have any relation or connection to Conflict Diamonds. All of the diamonds used must pass a careful import and inspection process in Israel, which has some of the strictest regulations regarding the import and use of diamonds and where purchasing or using conflict diamonds is illegal. Our diamonds are purchased ONLY from suppliers that are NOT involved in funding conflict and which are in compliance with Israel Trade law and United Nations Resolutions regarding such funding.

Q: I've never purchased items from international sellers. Is it reliable?
A: Generally, there is no difference in the purchasing process and delivery between Israel and the United States, save a couple of thousand miles! Furthermore, purchases made outside the US are not subject to any sales tax due to a free trade agreement between the US and Israel.

Q: Is your packaging eco-friendly?
A: Yes, we’ve invested great efforts so to provide our customers with eco-friendly packaging and environmentally conscious buying experience. We are dedicated to reducing harm to the environment. Please click here for more information.


Q: Why does my order require a signature upon arrival?
A: Your order requires an adult signature because all orders are sent insured for your protection, and both the United States Post Office and the private insurance company that insures our shipments require that an adult at your shipping address signs for your insured package.

Q: Can I have an order sent to an address other than my billing address?
A: Yes, in the checkout process you will be able to input billing address and shipping address.

Q: What happens if my order is lost or stolen during shipping before I receive it?
A: All Juliet&Oliver shipments are sent fully insured via the EMS (express mail service). You are not in any way responsible for the loss of a parcel until you or someone at your shipping address has signed for it.

Q: How long will my jewelry take to arrive to my address?
A: Our items are designed and handmade in Israel. It usually takes 7 to 20 business days to custom-make a ring from the time of order, and another 5-7 business days to arrive from shipping date to most destinations.

Q: Should I anticipate any additional charges due to an international transaction?
A: There should be no additional charges in addition to the item cost, shipping, handling and insurance. However, if you located outside US, please review our shipping page.

Q: Do you guarantee for order arriving time?
A: We make every effort to ship the products in time. However, we can't guarantee the delivery time since there are many factors which may cause delays in the arrival times (such as strikes, weather damage, etc). Please note while uncommon, occasionally our packages are inspected by customs which can cause delays in arrival. Also, once shipped, we will email you a tracking number for you to locate your package


Q: How can I find out my ring size?
A: Before ordering a ring, it is strongly recommended to have your finger professionally sized in person with rings of the same width as that which you are considering to purchase. To avoid the disappointment and hassle of receiving an incorrectly sized ring and having to return your item, please be certain of your ring size before placing your order.

Q: How can I resize my ring purchase from Juliet&Oliver?
A: In the event of a return for resizing, an additional $50 shipping fee will be changed for shipping and handling costs associated with the item. Should the item need rebuilding due to much necessary change, there will be yet another $50 service charge in addition to the shipping charge.

Q: What if I want my own jeweler to resize my ring?
A: Items that have been resized or altered in any way by you or an outside jeweler will no longer be eligible for Juliet&Oliver warranty.


Q: What is a Conflict Diamond?
A: A conflict diamond is that which is sourced and mined from a war zone area and sold to finance armed rebellion. This term is used to emphasize the harmful effects of such activity in these regions and make the consumer aware of the diamond’s history. Other terms used to describe these diamonds include Blood Diamond, Converted Diamond, Hot Diamond, or War Diamond. Examples of these regions with conflict diamond include Angola, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, and more.

Q: How does Juliet&Oliver verify that it’s diamonds are conflict free?
A: Juliet&Oliver only works with VERIFIED SUPPLIERS and adheres to the methods of the Kimberley Process – a process which prevents conflict diamonds from entering the mainstream diamond industry during certification. For more information, refer to the Diamond Exchange website.

Q: What is recycled gold?
A: Juliet&Oliver uses reclaimed metals that are re-refined into pure elements through a recycling process. This process allows for the creation of eco-friendly gold metals identical to the quality of newly mined gold. This process allows us to stay true to our mission to reduce the need and demand for dirty mining and conflicted jewelry production practices.

Q: Are your gemstones treated?
A: All Juliet&Oliver gemstones are natural gemstones which have not been chemically treated and therefore project their natural aesthetic beauty. Our gemstones are, however, heat-treated, allowing us to improve the color, clarity, and aesthetic of the gemstone without risk of radiation, chemical, or health compromise. The process of heat treatment is an accepted industry standard.

Q: What is pure metal and is all of your jewelry nickel-free?
A: All of the products at Juliet&Oliver are nickel free. As part of our green initiative, we chose not to use nickel products. Nickel is a white colored metal and silver alloy designed to create a bleached white gold and platinum appeal. It is a toxic metal which is carcinogenic (may be linked to cancer). High levels of nickel may cause skin problems and damage the environment. Nickel is a heavy metal which, like mercury and other heavy metals, affects humans, animals, and our environment. There is no way to destroy or eliminate heavy metals. Therefore, environmental pollution as a result of heavy metals is a long-term implication of by-products of various industries (such as the paint and chemical industry). Debris accumulates and is buried in the ground. Some of the materials decompose in contact with rain water. Materials break down, get washed over, and come directly to water reservoirs and rivers. Some of these materials permeate the soil and pollute it, and continue to seep through until they reach the end of the aquifers layers and cause groundwater contamination. Today, many resources are spent trying to find ways to reduce the environmental damage resulting from excess heavy metals. Efforts are also trying to reduce the amount of wastewater pollutants to rivers and the sea. There is an attempt to develop industries less harmful to the environment and human health.