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Handcrafted Jewelry by Juliet&Oliver

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The handcrafted jewelry designed by Juliet&Oliver is handmade with meticulous detail and attention to quality. The diverse influences on our designs derive from personal stories, various epochs in design history (vintage, antique, art deco, etc), and the natural world around us. Our inspiration comes from paying equal notice to the ordinary and the mundane, without which we could not appreciate the wonderful and the exquisite. We seek to find the balance between old and new, tradition and avant-garde, to fit the world in which we live today and the tastes of our contemporary cultures.

Our pieces often recall vintage design housed within a modern setting, thereby adding a spark of mystery to the placement of each piece’s creation and influences in time and space. Each unique design reflects an interest in creatively combining the elements: a perfect unity of noble metals and a variety of high-quality gemstones.

Handcrafted Jewelry by Juliet&Oliver

We at Juliet & Oliver are dedicated to the tradition of handcrafted jewelry spiced with the unconventional in its unique designs and daring juxtapositions of different types of golds with a variety of stones and gems.

We aim to break the mold of the trending styles in wedding jewelry design to introduce a brand characterized by a boldness only mirrored by that with which we leap into the unknown. In order to preserve this tradition, we strictly do not mass produce. Rather, we design each piece according to specific customer needs, and bring them into creation through innovative technologies which do not produce the cuts and wears that could harm the product quality.

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