Juliet&Oliver donates 5% of all profits to eco-conscious organizations for planting trees and conserving forests.
Juliet&Oliver is committed to contributing to the rising global consciousness about environmental care. We believe we have a responsibility to restore balance and give back to the earth affected by jewelry-related mining by replenishing what we have taken from nature. We aim to give back to the environment through recycling our proceeds to efforts which will help replenish the land, such as tree planting and sustainable cultivation efforts.
Jewelry production and manufacturing in the global market has an enduring history of large-scale negatively impactful consequences on the environment through ethically-compromised systems for mining and extracting natural resources. One of the harmful consequences of the production, manufacturing and transportation of natural resources used in the jewelry industry is the increased emission of greenhouse gasses thereby contributing to global temperature rises and by way to the threat of global warming we currently face as mankind.
Planting trees is one effective way to replenish the natural resources lost in jewelry production and hinder the effects of greenhouse gasses contributing to global warming. On average, a person is responsible throughout his lifetime for 70 to 100 tons of greenhouse gasses through daily human activity. Since one tree alone can absorb an average of 0.7 tons of carbon dioxide (an atmospheric pollutant) throughout its lifespan, a person can “offset” their global footprint in terms of greenhouse gas emission by planting 200 trees. By contributing to Juliet&Oliver’s tree-planting initiative through your purchase, you can get one step closer to this goal!