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J&O - Fine Jewelry Designers Studio

Juliet&Oliver is a full-service, ethical and eco-friendly jewelry studio which specializes in handmade engagement rings, unique wedding rings and gemstone jewelry emanating from morally-conscious pure resourcing. The company was born from the desire to create long-lasting high-end wedding jewelry which will last a lifetime and live on through generations. We are fine jewelry designers who provide high-grade jewelry handcrafted in accordance with our high quality standards, yet with an added touch of creativity attained only through a true love of the craft.

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We garner our inspiration from our belief in love and romance, as well as our desire to raise consciousness and minimize environmental harm in jewelry production. Before the foundation of the brand, the Juliet&Oliver creative duo Victoria and Yaron Cesana collaborated with quality jewelry manufacturers to create their designs. However, recognizing the inconsistency in moral standards of the mass jewelry manufacturing industry, they sought to establish a company which would uphold the environmentally-conscious values they personally carried. The foundation of Juliet&Oliver is therefore based on the desire to create innovative alternatives in jewelry production without the heavy environmental costs, all-the-while maintaining a visually unique product. Our products are fair-trade, nickel-free, conflict-free, and created from pure metals and 100% eco-friendly recycled gold with high-quality solid casting devoid of marks and joints.

Fine Jewelry Designers Studio- Juliet & Oliver

Juliet&Oliver studio is based in Tel Aviv, Israel – a bustling city full of energy and charm with all the right sounds, sights and smells to inspire the art of jewelry design.