Antique style engagement rings – it’s all in the detail:
Antique style engagement rings are rings designed in the style of those old world beautiful and intricate pieces of jewelry. The time and effort put into the work of designing and fashioning antique style engagement rings, or any kind of antique style jewelry for that matter, is astounding. They were tailored with a tremendous amount of care and pride, garnering a deep appreciation for their work from their customers, who paid for them accordingly!
Today, the rings are handcrafted in the same styles – lacy impressions with flower, bow and scroll motifs, which were originally designed to complement the women’s dresses and accessories. There is a magnificent selection of antique style engagement rings available, including a stunning range under $1000.
Antique Style Diamond Rings with precious stones:
This is an absolutely spectacular diamond rose quartz engagement ring in 18k white gold ring containing 29 shimmering diamonds! It includes a distinctively beautiful outer circle of diamonds supporting a rose quartz, creating a soft and feminine character. Crystal healing practitioners consider it the love stone, since it is meant to convey an energy of unconditional love and romance! The diamonds are set in a white gold band, accentuating the charm of the gem.
One of the features of antique jewelry is to have a metal or a mix thereof, accentuated with a bright color. Here is the contrast of two colors, separated by a ring of radiant diamonds, against the white gold. The center is a rose red ruby, the queen of gems, and surrounding the diamonds are 12 deep brilliant blue sapphires. A beautiful design.
Antique style engagement rings under $1000:
As for antique style engagement rings under $1000, I have selected the following:
This impressive garnet antique style engagement ring has a classic antique scroll engraving on the band with a small milgrain edging. Here we have the bright contrast in the form of a brilliant red garnet stone in its center. It is a basic ring with just the right amount of embellishment to create a wonderfully attractive piece. The beauty is in the small details that blend together gently, resulting in a remarkable creation.
Take a look at this antique style ring. It is unusually striking! The white gold band has a retro hammered finish, replicating the antique look of the ring. The gold extends to form a metal casing, in which nestles a delicate, glassy opal gem. Opals come in various colors, often found within one stone. This opal reflects dreamy blue skies with some dashes of sunset at the edges. Superb!
Finally this lovely antique style ring, soft and feminine. The band is defined by regal red rubies, highly polished and embedded within the delicate design. On the top sits a classic pearl crest, conveying an especially graceful and gentle character.
The attention to detail conveyed by antique style engagement rings is extraordinary. Appreciation for the artist’s handiwork makes for a very special engagement ring, which in turn embodies the appreciation, respect and devotion between two people who love each other.