Artisan Engagement Rings

Artisan Engagement Rings

The word artisan is derived from the old Tuscan word, artigiano, which in turn comes from the Latin artitus – skilled in the arts, and implying precisely that. It alludes to the ever so intricately designed and painstakingly created handiwork that slowly unfolds at his hands. It is the perfectly even and scrupulous stitching of a dress my great-grandmother created for a school project, that neither man nor machine could ever reproduce. It is no surprise then, that artisanal creations, in this respect, artisan engagement rings, are never mass produced.

  • Never mass produced
  • Handcrafted creation
  • Artisan engagement rings are the product of an art, an inspiration. They are the product of craftsmanship and skill. They convey deep pride in one’s pursuits, as the Japanese word for artisan, “Shokunin” infers.

Being an artisan is:
”Not only have a technical skill but also implies an attitude and social consciousness…a social obligation to work his best for the general welfare of the people, [an] obligation both material and spiritual”

artisan engagement rings

Artisan engagement rings are therefore a handcrafted creation of a master, a product of his extraordinary skills, imbibed with passion, imagination and personal intention.

Handcrafted art deco artisan engagement ring

A beautiful example of such handcrafted rings by the artisan is this art deco engagement ring by Juliet&Oliver, containing a single diamond, surrounded by polished gold. The gold is delicately and perfectly carved into a design reminiscent of the art deco era style – smooth, streamlined geometric shapes, aesthetic and sleek. Think of jazz, bob hairstyles and women’s lib.

Handcrafted art nouveau engraved sapphire diamond engagement ring

The following ring is typical of the art nouveau era. Small diamonds lead up to the focal point of a brilliant blue sapphire. Notice its more gentle character. An intricately carved design lies on the side of the band; the waves of the sea carrying you away to faraway lands. Reflections of nature, in this case, the sea or some vine tendrils, are the impressions this artisan intended to create.

Artisan engagement ring – the beauty of gemstones

A classic design that stands out a little more than the rest is this magnificent piece of studded diamonds circling a stunning pink morganite gemstone on a band of white gold. What is special about morganite is that it’s brilliant pinks, ranging from pale to very deep with a touch of blue, change color very distinctly when submitted to light at different angles. This property is known as pleochroism and it requires a very careful and precise cutting by the artisan, so as to ensure it retains this wonderful shift in color each time. The darker center and lighter pink around the edges are a testimony to the finest and most meticulous cutting. Only a high-quality cut will enable the soft morganite colors to shimmer through.

Finally, a basic but beautiful gold engagement ring, fashioned with an unusual, elegant twist of the band and a single polished, sparkling diamond crest. Perfect and special.

A reflection of the artisan’s love for his craft

It is clear that artisan engagement rings are so much more than simply designing, chiseling and carving from stone and metal. It is a reflection of the artisan’s love for his craft; an art imbued with passion and deep emotion and awareness. Each ring is special in its own way, as is the love between a man and a woman, which will flourish as they embark on their unique path together in life.