Best Places To Propose 2017

Best Places To Propose 2017
As we all know, the engagement between two people leads to perhaps the most important experience in two people’s lives – the wedding. Even though the focus is on the wedding as the act that seals the eternal bond between two people, the prelude of the wedding, the moment of engagement, is equally important, if not even more so important than the wedding. This is because there won’t be any wedding if you don’t propose the right way, and only if you propose in the right way will your chosen one accept your proposition.
One of the most important aspects of how you can plan out the moment of proposing, is the place where you’ll propose. You simply can’t allow yourself to propose somewhere in a dark alley with a dumpster on five feet from you (well, technically you can, but the number of people that will accept such a proposition is small to say the least). On the contrary, you must invest some time and effort into picking the perfect place in which you’ll propose. This will tremendously increase the drama of the moment and it will forever be embedded in your head as the time when you officially proposed.

In this article we’ll propose (pun intended) for you a couple of places where you can effectively propose your loved one.

Follows are our ideas to the best places to propose
#1 of the best places to propose
The beach. Now this is a no-brainer – books have been written centered around the inherent romanticism of the beach. Just imagine the sands, the sea, the cloudless sky… the sun, or the moon shining over both of yours and your partner’s faces… and you fall down on your knees, proposing your loved one. There’s simply no way in which you can fail with your proposal on the setting of the beach. You’ll be glad that you’ve picked such a place.

#2 of the best places to propose
At a high quality restaurant. You have to pick a restaurant with a romantic feel to it, though. There are many such restaurants that offer the perfect atmosphere – dimmed lights, candles burning on a table, you and your loved one sitting opposite of one another. Then all of the sudden you sit down on your knees and you pull out a small box, offering the ring to your loved one, in front of all of the people. This will pretty much guarantee that your loved one will accept the proposition and that you’ll one day soon get married.

#3 of the best places to propose
France. We’re going with a concrete place right now. In particular we have in mind the Eifel tower in Paris, maybe the most romantic place in the world. The sheer awesomeness and grandiosity of the tower inspires some romantic feelings in and of itself, and you’ll do well to make your proposal here, at the top of the tower. It’s a moment that will remain with you for the rest of your lives, as perhaps the most romantic moment.

Those are the best places to propose that we recommend as adequate. If you feel that they’re not for you, then you can freely pick another place, as there are many of them all throughout the world.
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