Black diamond engagement ring 2017 – intensity and allure

Taking a chance is for those who dare. Not only is it trendy, it’s imperative! And the black diamond engagement ring is all of that. It is a deep, dark, shiny pool, whose depths can be reached by those who are brave and ready. The desire to discover ourselves, to nurture ourselves, to move forward and create a beautiful and meaningful life for ourselves is becoming increasingly widespread. Some may see it as trendy, but I see it as a necessity for many of us.

The resplendent black diamond rings are an apt symbol of this phenomenon, as it becomes an increasingly stylish jewelry, specifically in black diamond engagement ring sets. I imagine a classic image of a white gold engagement band, its sides studded with tiny glimmering black diamonds, or a beautiful solitaire black diamond engagement ring.

Black diamond jewelry – inevitable femme fatale
The trend began in 1996 when Swiss jeweler, Fawaz Gruosi, presented a striking jewelry exhibit featuring the black diamond jewelry. One glance at the highly polished black stone and the allure is clear. It conveys depth, mystery and the inevitable femme fatale. Take the Black Orlov, for example, one of the most famous black diamonds in the world, its mystique bound to some wonderful legends of its own; a lavish, glossy stone surrounded by 108 glittering diamonds and suspended by a glittering chain of 124 diamonds! It is the woman of adventure, one who dares expand her horizons to draw in the thrill of the unexplored.

Black diamonds – the Origin
The color is natural. Diamonds appear in nature as a transparent stone, usually tinged with yellow or brown. However, occasionally they can be found tinted in hues ranging the entire spectrum of colors, including the rare, and entirely opaque, black.

The black color is due to graphites, a form of carbon, being trapped during the gem’s transformation. Interestingly, black diamonds discovered in a cache from Siberia were found to contain primarily magnetites, the most magnetic of minerals, formed from iron.

Black Diamond Rings Pricing
The more intense the black, the higher the price, but the price of a black diamond jewelry is relatively inexpensive compared to other colored and clear diamonds. It is calculated according to cut, color and carat. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams.Some standard diamonds are artificially treated to enhance the color and appear blacker than it naturally is.

The real appeal is from those that are found black in the rough, of course. It is important, therefore, to specify to your jeweler that you are looking for the authentic black diamond as opposed to the treated alternative.The black diamond engagement ring, in its authenticity, conveys its truest possible meaning. It reveals power of commitment, energy, and passion.

Its captivating stone is an expression of distinctiveness and symbolizes the rare and special connection you share with your partner. Feel its intensity and allure. Wear it with confidence and an energy that says, “I dare”.