Creative Proposal Ideas 2017

Creative Proposal Ideas 2017

Creative Proposal Ideas 2017

Proposing marriage to your girl can often be a tricky matter. There are so many creative proposal ideas. Should you take a trip somewhere? Create a cute surprise? Do it publicly? Privately?
One thing is for sure, the way you propose should have some sort of connection to who you are as a couple and to what the type of girl you are proposing to. You want to make sure to propose in a way that will be well-received and will remind her of all the great times you two have shared thus far.

Which Proposal Is Right For You?
Before looking for any creative proposal ideas, take this quiz to find out the kind of couple you are, what kind of girl she is, and the best way to propose to her:

1) Some of your most memorable moments together include:
a) travelling together
b) sporting events
c) watching your favorite TV shows and movies together
d) a lot of laughter
e) fancy dinners and bubble baths

2) Which actress does your girlfriend resemble most in personality?
a) Angelina Jolie
b) Kate Hudson
c) Zooey Deschanel
d) Cameron Diaz
e) Rachel McAdams

3) Where was your first kiss together?
a) at the top of a mountain
b) during a halftime show or when a player scored a point
c) at a music concert
d) in the middle of an excruciatingly funny moment
e) in the rain

4) What do you love most about her?
a) Her sense of adventure
b) Her passion for sports
c) Her creativity
d) Her sense of humor
e) Her sweetness and sensitivity

5) What surprise would delight your girlfriend the most?
a) being whisked away at a moment’s notice to an exotic location
b) two tickets to the most important sporting event of the year
c) seeing a flash mob suddenly breaking out into song and dance
d) being pranked
e) a romantic getaway

Here are some creative proposal ideas; if you answered…
Mostly A’s: Your girl is a serious adventure seeker. Whether travelling to far away places or climbing a nearby mountain, she can always be found looking for the next big thrill. Since this girl is always on the move, your proposal will have to stop her in her tracks. Perhaps a sky-diving proposal in mid-air, or an underwater proposal during a scuba excursion while swimming with sharks, or a sweet proposal on the top of the tallest mountain in the world after a good climb. The choice is yours. Just make sure to keep everything hush hush until the big moment because this girl truly values the element of surprise. Heck, this girl wouldn’t even mind being blindfolded as you lead her to your destination of choice. Just make sure you do something crazy and adventurous right before the big moment to thrill her into being yours forever.

Mostly B’s: You’ve got a guys’ girl on your hands. She most likely gets along great with your guy friends, probably has a lot of guy friends of her own, and while she’s totally hot and sweet, she can belch the alphabet louder than your grossest best friend. The coolest thing about her- she’s as into sports as you are. You both probably find sporting events to be completely romantic and think the hottest thing is when a player scores the winning point. Well, you don’t have to try too hard to impress this girl. She’s down-to-earth and sweet as can be. So, whether it’s on the kiss-cam at a sporting event or at your favorite burger dive, just make sure the words come from your heart and you’ll be sure to score a home run.

Mostly C’s: A little quirky, very creative, and probably artistic, your girl is definitely the imaginative type. She was either drawing, singing, or reciting Shakespeare before she could crawl, and has blossomed into a curious woman with many interests. Hopefully you share her love of art and music and have similar tastes when it comes to the newest Indie flicks. This girl would probably be delighted if a flash mob suddenly appeared before her eyes singing and dancing to the tune of Bruno Mars’ “I Think I Wanna Marry You,” or if her favorite new artists created a painting with the words “Marry Me” on it for her to take home as a souvenir after an exhibit. If you want to go simple, just ask her during a concert of her favorite musician where she’s sure to be in such a good mood, you’re guaranteed a genuine yes!

Mostly D’s: Your girl is a prankster at heart. She loves a good joke and isn’t afraid to show it. She enjoys the element of surprise and you two have most likely shared more than a few funny moments together. So, base your proposal on one of your favorite inside jokes. Or, if you really want to win her heart, prank her. Recently, a boy proposed to his girl by going so far as to fake his own death and then popped back up to propose. Take a risk, try something clever and hilarious and she’s sure to say yes in between fits of laughter.

Mostly E’s: Ah, the romantic. You know this girl. She’s the one who is obsessed with “The Notebook,” knows all the words to every Bryan Adams song, and surrounds herself with everything girly. You most likely fell in love with her feminine charm and her sweet come-hither eyes. This girl wants to be swept off her feet. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as it shows how much you care. Write a sweet song for her if you’re musically inclined. Drive out to a beautiful field, spread out a blanket under the stars, and ask for her hand either during the song or after the most romantic speech about how you could never imagine living without her. As long as its passionate and sincere, she’s sure to swoon.