Diamond Wedding Bands for her & for him

A plain wedding band is a simple and beautiful to proclaim everlasting commitment through the never-ending circular symbolism, however there are those who would prefer just that little bit more character in their wedding band, and some glimmering diamonds is a lovely way to set off some sparkle to your diamond wedding band. Yellow gold is the most durable metal for the band but white gold and platinum are the most popular. All three are magnificent choices to hold diamonds. Discover our collection of diamond wedding bands for her & for him.


Diamond wedding bands – the origin

In 1940, copywriter Frances Gerety came up with one of the most famous slogans of all times, “A diamond is forever”, which sent her company’s client, De Beers Diamonds, skyrocketing to success. Diamond sales increased more than ever before, especially since the slogan equated diamonds with long-lasting commitment. It gave rise to the popularity of diamond wedding bands, engagements rings and other diamond jewelry.

Prior to this, diamonds were amongst other gems, such as rubies and sapphires, featuring in wedding bands, but now they were the obvious and unparalleled gem to acquire.  Although brilliantly colored gems of various kinds have made a comeback, the reputation of diamonds has persisted and they remain a staunch classic.

Diamond Eternity wedding bands

Like a wedding band, diamond eternity wedding bands make for a precious anniversary gift, symbolizing the everlasting circle of love and commitment between two people, and when it comes to diamond anniversary bands or diamond wedding bands for him or for her, the possibilities of design are endless.  There are so many options. How many diamonds to use for that perfect expression of devotion and how should they be arranged on the band? Should the design match the engagement ring or wedding band or should it be a unique entity on its own? There are varying opinions. Matching diamond ring sets create a neat and uniform look. Rings with different designs, let’s say a thicker band or strategically placed diamonds, could offset the other ring beautifully, providing an attractive complement.

Diamond anniversary bands – the perfect gift

There are so many creative ideas for diamond wedding bands or eternity wedding bands. Think of a string of tiny diamonds lining the top of a delicate platinum band, or a wider band with diamonds embedded in a random cluster. How about four or five diamonds separated by colored gemstones such as sapphires? Consider diamonds of two or three colors – pink, green, and blue – all in a row; or a classic look of black and clear diamonds alternating with each other along the band. Whatever you choose, the message conveyed is clear – a wonderful, solid, and loving relationship that is destined to stand the test of time.