Handcrafted Jewelry vs Mass Produced

handcrafted jewelry- TURQUOISE RING
You may often wonder whether it makes a difference to buy mass produced or handcrafted jewelry online, especially when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands
There are a number of things to consider when making the decision between mass produced and handcrafted jewelry.

First, consider the fact that mass produced items are made by factory workers on an assembly line with low level skills. The cost of a mass produced item may be less, but will it be better? Most likely not since the attention to detail and artisan skill set possessed by most jewelry artists will not be employed by these one-task factory workers. The item may take less time to make and may be less expensive, but it won’t necessarily be of high quality. When artists create jewelry, they put time, thought, and attention into the piece to make sure it is a work of art of the highest excellence.

Second, consider that most mass produced items are displayed online in computer generated pictures. Due to technological capabilities, these pictures are able to create an image of a perfect piece of jewelry, out of mid air. Rarely is a piece of jewelry in real life as immaculate looking as it is in a computer generated pictures. While your heart may flutter looking at these perfect and flawless images, consider the disappointment you will face when you receive your item and it looks different than the pristine picture. With pictures of handcrafted jewelry, some lighting techniques and a little touching up may be employed, but the items do not look drastically different from the actual jewelry. Since the picture is of the item itself and is not simply created out of thin air by a computer, the piece of jewelry will closely resemble its picture and you will be able to trust the images you see when shopping for handcrafted jewelry online.

A third reason why buying handcrafted jewelry is better is because the creativity of the artist and the individuality of the item shines through every piece. Mass produced jewelry is usually made from molds that are also mass produced and sold to many large jewelry companies. They are usually generic and not very detailed or artistic and since so many jewelry companies purchase the same molds, you will most likely find the same jewelry in all the jewelry stores and the same rings being worn on many consumers’ fingers. Who wants to purchase a symbolic engagement and wedding ring only to see it being worn on many other people’s fingers?! Most artists who handcraft their jewelry pay specific attention to detail and create their molds in many unique and intricate designs. They offer engagement rings and wedding bands that are much more individual and specialthan large jewelry companies. Also, since they sell in smaller quantity it is much more unlikely that you will see the same ring you bought on someone else’s finger.

Clearly, there are many reasons why buying handmade is better. After all, your wedding and engagement rings may be the most important purchase of your life, so why not buy one that is as beautiful, unique, and special as you?