Why Sapphire Engagement Rings

Why Sapphire Engagement Rings

This year, 2020, and moving into 2021, blue sapphire engagement rings continue to be trendy. They reached their high point when Prince Charles gave Lady Diana a magnificent blue sapphire engagement ring set in a white gold band, and again, when Prince William presented Kate Middleton with the very same ring.


Reach to the heavens with sapphires

Blue is tranquility, security, trust, and truth. It is open space, freedom, inspiration and imagination. It takes us to many destinations: to a calm and sparkling sea that eases our minds and surrenders our hearts to a haven of serenity; striking eyes that pierce the night from a head of raven black hair; the expanse of sky, which beckons us to connect with our deeper selves.

Indeed, blue is the color of spirituality and the skies are believed to be the source. According to an ancient belief (I could not find its origin), the sky was a giant blue sapphire which cradled the earth. Throughout the day, when the air was clear, the sapphire sky reflected its different hues: the cornflower blue of the dawn stretching out towards the silky azure of the midday heat, and extending through the day until deep shades of royal blue and indigo created the radiant backdrop for the setting sun. The diverse blues of the heavens do indeed reflect the glorious hues found in blue sapphires.

A blue sapphire engagement ring is most pronounced in a band of white gold. The silvery-blue contrast is eye-catching and fitting for whoever desires to create a presence that does not overwhelm, yet can most certainly be felt.

Charming Taste Of Our Stately Blue Sapphire Rings

This blue sapphire engagement ring is beautiful and regal. It is a clean and classic design with the white gold band splitting gently as it approaches the dazzling stone. A split in the band is in vogue and is a sweet change to the single band that has been popular for so long.

This special ring features a diamond flanked by 3 blue sapphires on either side. The white gold band in turn creates a stunning contrast, defining the sapphires beautifully. It is fascinating how such a delicate band, holding 7 gemstones, retains its elegance.

Since blue symbolizes fidelity, it is apt that the never-ending circle of a wedding band be adorned with small blue sapphires as demonstrated in this unusual design. The white gold band has a matte finish and the sapphires are evenly aligned around the entire circumference of the band. Beautiful!

Gems of color continue to be popular as people boldly venture out of their comfort zones, realizing the rewards that a better sense of self and purpose brings. The sapphires’ blues are strong and solid, instilling confidence, poise, and belief in oneself. A white gold engagement ring displaying a gorgeous blue sapphire makes not only a most beautiful gift, but is the ultimate tribute to a bride-to-be.