Stackable rings
One of my new favorite types of rings is stackable rings
Available in a variety of styles, these rings can come pre-stacked with thin smaller rings held together by a small clasp or you can create a do-it-yourself stackable by buying a few of the same thin band rings and stacking them up on one finger. Particularly beautiful are thin handmade bands with baguette cut jewels in the center. Stacking up a few of these, each with a different colored stone, looks beautiful.

Also trending right now are mixed and matched stackable rings. Stacking a wide variety of different rings with various shapes and styles is very fashionable. In order to stack mismatching rings like a pro try to choose a few rings that have at least one characteristic in common (ie: same jewel, same gold color, etc), stack rings of different widths on top of one another to create contrast, and remember no to stack too many- four to five at the most and voila- you’ve created your own beautiful stackable ring!

Stackable rings make a great gift too since it’s like receiving multiple rings at one time. Perhaps the number of rings in a stacked ring is symbolic to you and the person you are giving the ring to. Perhaps each ring represents the number of years or decades you have known one another. Or perhaps the number of rings has to do with the age of the person you are giving it to, making it a great birthday gift.

A stackable ring also makes a beautiful and unique wedding band. Very few people would think to use a stacking band as a wedding band , which makes it all the more special and unique.
Stackable rings are symbolic, elegant, beautiful, and fashionable, and whether given as a gift during the holiday season or under the wedding canopy, any woman would be delighted to have one!