What is a Signet Ring?

What is a Signet Ring?

Signet rings are a recent fashion trend that has been taking the jewelry world by storm. You won’t have to look too far to see a man or a woman sporting the heavy, substantial, ring of days past. With such television shows and movies like Game of Thrones and Gladiator taking the world by storm, everyone wants to mimic the fashion of kings and queens. With their rich history signet rings makes a good topic for conversations- another reason why people love wearing them.

Signet ring meaning
Signet rings have been worn since ancient Egypt. The word signet comes from the latin, “signum,” meaning sign. Since the personal signature had yet to be created, important documents were signed by people in authority using a seal located at the top of the wearer’s signet ring. The wearer would dip the top of his ring into hot wax and then press the seal against the piece of paper, where it needed an authorized signature.

Signet rings became less popular as aristocracy diminished and personalized signatures were created. However, nowadays, you can see signet rings being worn as a regal fashion statement.

How to wear a signet ring
Signet rings are often worn by men who want to appear richer and smarter, maybe even aristocratic. The ring can be worn with any outfit, but especially goes well with a tweed suit for a very English look. Men who wear them automatically appear authoritative, as the ring makes them appear intelligent, wealthy, and in control. Younger men have been wearing smaller signet rings simply as fun fashion accessories to appear trendy and stylish. The look was even showcased in GQ magazine when they ran their “9 Best Signet Rings” on

The look is not only worn by men, but by women too, as they embrace a more masculine style. The look of a manly signet ring, when worn by a woman, looks very sexy. Female trendsetters everywhere have begun wearing men’s jewelry for a chunkier look and that includes the signet ring.

Custom signet ring – Signet ring engraving
One of the best things about signet rings is they can be engraved with anything you like. This makes signet rings excellent gifts. Engrave initials, patterns, whatever you would like, into the top of the ring to make it personal and beautiful.

Signet rings come in so many shapes and sizes- there is much variety to choose from.

Always a conversation starter, signet rings channel old aristocracy while looking chic and fresh. They are casual enough to be thrown on for an every day look while still elegant enough to be worn to classy events.

Ever versatile, blending the old and the new, signet rings are a classic that have been given a new life!