Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Discover your truth in colored diamond engagement rings
Set in a white gold band, the yellow diamond contrast is attention grabbing! Its yellow color, enhanced by the silvery white band, is pronounced, yet soft. Like any colored diamonds, the yellow diamond comes in varying shades, from warm, deep, and comforting to a feisty orange-yellow fire. The yellow diamond in an engagement ring, when set together with clear diamonds, and depending on its shade, draws out a wild blazing fire or a soft pool of creamy lava.

Prices of yellow diamond engagement rings vary according to the intensity of color. When judging clear to light yellow diamonds, the colors are graded on a scale of five basic levels – from colorless to light color. When the yellow shade spans beyond light yellow, it is graded as “fancy”, and we have an official yellow diamond. The price will depend on carat weight, clarity, cut, and the intensity of color, which can range from quite light to deeply vivid. Prices for other colored diamonds also depend on the rarity of the color, red being the rarest. Only 30 red diamonds are known to exist! In addition, some diamonds are treated to enhance its color. These diamonds are less expensive, so make sure you have the real deal, if that’s what you’re looking for! Only one in 10,000 diamonds qualifies as a colored diamond.

We live in a beautiful time. Discoveries in space and of new animal species, new technologies, and all things biological, scientific and historical are taking place at quicker and quicker rates. Most importantly, people are discovering themselves. Each of us is a universe, and deep down we have a yearning to know ourselves deeply, discover our truth, and love and become proud of who we are. We become confident to choose our true tastes in color and style. Enter colored diamond engagement rings.

The amount of gases and minerals trapped in the diamonds during formation, 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface, convey the diamond’s respective color, and the rainbow of diamond colors is remarkable and rare in all shades, including browns, grays, and blacks.

Vigorous advertising campaigns by jewelry companies have exercised influence, and we are inclined to follow celebrity preferences for colored diamonds: Halle Berry – orange, Heidi Klum – Yellow, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey – pink, and Carmen Electra – black. However, it takes a bold and daring one to literally take action and to forever commit to a stone of color. And while some of us may not be comfortable taking that huge leap out of our comfort zones with bold and brilliantly colored gem stones, a colored diamond engagement ring is the perfect balance between looking distinguished without going over the top.

Flaming yellows, majestic blues, rare, sought-after greens, luscious pinks, passionate oranges, elegant purples, soft luxurious browns, and compelling blacks can all form part of your exquisite colored diamond engagement ring, be the colors uniform or combined in complementary, colorful sparkles. I fancy a stunning light pink.

Beyond the gorgeous appearance of the colored diamond engagement ring, lies the special symbolism of each color. But that is another blog post all on its own.