About us

We just love designing and creating beautiful and exciting jewelry that makes people happy. 

Who We Are

Juliet&Oliver is a full-service, ethical and eco-friendly jewelry studio which specializes in handmade engagement rings, unique wedding rings and gemstone jewelry emanating from morally-conscious pure resourcing. The company was born from the desire to create long-lasting high-end wedding jewelry which will last a lifetime and live on through generations.

Our Designs

The handcrafted jewelry designed by Juliet&Oliver is handmade with meticulous detail and attention to quality. The diverse influences on our designs derive from personal stories, various epochs in design history (vintage, antique, art deco, etc), and the natural world around us. Our inspiration comes from paying equal notice to the ordinary and the mundane, without which we could not appreciate the wonderful and the exquisite. We seek to find the balance between old and new, tradition and avant-garde, to fit the world in which we live today and the tastes of our contemporary cultures.

Our Mission

Our mission at Juliet&Oliver is to create beautiful unique rings which uphold the traditions of handmade jewelry design and provides a more eco-friendly alternative to otherwise environmentally harmful jewelry production. We are dedicated to preserving the tradition of handmade nickel free jewelry with an emphasis on high quality and innovative design.

Our Values

In addition to being conflict-free and fair-trade, our handcrafted artisan jewelry is nickel-free, and created from pure metals and 100% eco-friendly recycled gold. Juliet&Oliver’s promise to keep with the tradition of handcrafted artisan jewelry stems from the recognition of the value of the craft and the inimitable quality of a jewel worked meticulously by hand.

Our Team

Victoria Cesana Jewelry Designer

Veronika-  co-founder & jewelry designer

Juliet&Oliver Team

Yaron Cesana Jewelry Designer

Noa   -  jewelry specialist

Juliet&Oliver Team

Noa Jewelry Specialist

Yaron   -  co-founder & jewelry designer

Juliet&Oliver Team

Customer Service

Abigail   -  manager

Juliet&Oliver Team