Engraving Services

Personal engravings are a great way to add meaning and sentiment to jewelry. With a few private, heartfelt words or an image that expresses your story, you can make permanent your expression of love and commitment on a quality piece of jewelry fit to last a lifetime. Some ideas to customize your jewelry with engravings include monograms, religious verses, connected phrases, or fingerprint marks. 
Juliet&Oliver offers two types of engraving services:
Personal Engraving ($40 service fee) – Personal laser inscription in Ariel, David, or Script font (additional font types upon request). These machine engravings are precise, with thin and clean lines. (suggestion: have web designer include prototypes of fonts here)
Engraving Art (service fee varies) – Professional artisan handmade engraving on ring or jewelry metal. Engraving art can include flowers, paintings, incised calligraphy initials, and more. The lines of handmade engraving are deeper, thicker and more one-of-a-kind cost dependent on nature of etching. Service fees are dependent on engraving request. Contact Juliet&Oliver for a quote.
For more information about our engraving services, feel free to contact us by web or mail.