Jewelry Care

Juliet&Oliver wants you to enjoy your jewelry the way it was intended –as a piece full of luster, beauty, and worth! Even the strongest of elements can still be compromised – diamonds can chip, gold (a soft metal) can scratch, and pearls can lose their shine. However, quality jewelry can be preserved in top condition with the proper maintenance and care. To keep the brilliance alive and let your jewelry sparkle for generations to come, inspect your jewelry for wear regularly and refer to the following tips in jewelry care.

To best preserve your jewelry, it is recommended to always apply lotions, cosmetics, hairspray and perfume before dressing, and wiping down each piece after use. This cleans the jewelry of oils and perspiration that may eventually lower the shine and brilliance. Do your best to avoid wearing your jewelry when doing physical activity or household cleaning so as not to scratch the jewelry or expose the fine metals and stones to unnecessary oils or harmful chemicals. While tempting in the summer season, avoid wearing your jewelry to chlorine swimming pools or too-salty waters to avoid unwanted reactions from the metals and stones. Always remember, moisture is potentially harmful to all types of jewelry. Minimal exposure to moisture, liquid and chemical is strongly recommended whenever possible.

Storing Your Jewelry

Jewelry maintenance goes beyond proper care during wear! Make sure to store your jewelry in a caring way so as to avoid entangling or scratching the metals and stones. Keep each item separately or individually wrapped in tissue and store in a fabric-lined box or jewelry tree for the best results.

With either method, stay wary of gathering dust! When travelling, consider using a travel jewelry case for the highest level of jewelry protection. You may also opt for storing each piece separately in a small dime-sized pouch lined with acid-free tissue.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

To assure the longest lifetime for your jewelry, make sure to stay watchful of signs of wear, such as scratches of decrease in shine and luster. It is highly recommended to clean your jewelry often in the method most appropriate for your specific piece.

Juliet&Oliver Yearly “Renewal” Cleaning Service – For an annual fee, Juliet&Oliver offers a yearly “renewing” cleaning service complete with a mail reminder. In this service, the jewelry is cleaned with a special ultrasonic device for jewelry maintenance. Any stones on the piece are reinforced, and the piece is meticulously checked with a telescope for broken points or microscopic grooves which are then reworked and re-polished. This “renewing” service is available for all Juliet&Oliver pieces. In addition to our own creations, however, we also specialize in cleaning and repairing of antique jewelry.

Other Options for Jewelry Cleaning

If you choose to opt out of the Juliet&Oliver yearly “renewing” cleaning service, we still urge you to properly maintain and clean your Juliet&Oliver jewelry. Below are some options that can help you keep your jewelry sparkling:

Non-Associated Professional Cleaning: You may take your piece to a non-Juliet&Oliver associated professional cleaner. Keep in mind, however, that the work done by an outside professional is not the responsibility of the Juliet&Oliver brand should they damage the piece. This also applies to repairs and changes in dimension.

Home Cleaning Methods: If you do not wish to take it to a professional cleaning service, there are several home methods to clean your jewelry dependent on the metals and stones in each piece. A common method is to purchase a commercial jewelry cleaner. In this case, it is imperative that you follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully so not to damage the jewelry. Other more home-friendly options include soaking your jewelry in warm water and mild dishwashing liquid, and scrubbing the piece with a soft toothbrush very carefully to avoid scratching the metal or stone. Avoid using any sharp or hard objects to remove dirt or clean your jewelry. After cleaning your jewelry, be sure to allow your piece to air dry and then polish it with a soft cloth in order to properly remove any unnecessary marks or moisture. This method is recommended for proper cleaning of diamond, platinum, gold and sterling silver. Be very wary of dropping your jewelry and be cautious around crevices and sinks! It is recommended to clean your jewelry away from the sink using a small dish to avoid dropping your jewels in hard-to-reach spots such as the drain!

A Special Note on Pearls

Pearls are porous, delicate oceanic stones that require specific handling in comparison to the care for mineral gemstones. Due to their softer composition, it is recommended to wear pearls with care and store them in soft fabric-lined casing to avoid scratches. It is necessary to make a routine of cleaning your pearls due to the damaging effect of cosmetics and toiletries to the pearl’s soft nacre coating. One way to do this is by wiping down the pearls of any moisture or natural oils after each wear.

Pearl maintenance goes beyond mere cleanliness. Indeed, it is necessary to be aware of the condition of the stringing of the pearls in addition to the condition of the pearls themselves. Regular wear or overexposure to moisture may weaken the silk or nylon stringing of the pearls, causing the stringing to eventually tear. It is highly recommended to have the pearls restrung every few years (or as necessary) to avoid losing any stones in the case that the stringing tears. When the pearls are restrung, consider requesting a knot between each pearl to prevent possible future loss of stones.