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Jewelry Made In Israel

Jewelry Made In Israel

Juliet & Oliver's Handmade Studio In Israel

We take a lot of pride knowing all the items available here on is made in Israel. In fact, many worldwide brands are manufacturing their jewelry in Israel and there are many reasons to why is that.  Quality is number one on our list. Yes, many brands actually understand that the quality of the jewelry purpose in Israel is far better than any other country in the world. Although no one knows why is this is so but It might be due to the fact that making jewelry goes a long way in the Jewish tradition, even from the time of the Bible. Generation after generation this handmade skill was passed on to the next generations. Actually many Israeli family names are consist of words like Gold and maker. In Israel there are many Israeli jewelry stores, more you can possibly imagine. It seems that in Israel protest gifts is a big deal and they take it very seriously.

israeli jewelry stores

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jewelry stores in israel

Israeli Jewelry 

jewish wedding rings

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