Nature Friendly Philosophy

Nickel allergies are known to develop with increased contact and cause dermal irritation such as rashes. Juliet&Oliver is committed to utilizing only pure gold to create the highest quality nickel free jewelry without any risk of health allergy or environmental harm. Learn more about nickel-free jewelry.

Fair Trade Jewelry

In the spirit of raising awareness and promoting ethical and eco-friendly jewelry production, Juliet&Oliver is committed to engaging in and supporting the efforts of Fair Trade initiatives worldwide.

Fair Trade is an alternative exchange system that challenges injustices in current global trading practices by serving as a model of an ethically-sound and economically-beneficial trading structure. By emphasizing inter-personal relations, justice, and sustainability, Fair Trade helps decrease the exploitation and marginalization of labor in the global economy and more specifically the developing world.

By engaging in Fair Trade, consumers are contributing to the economic empowerment of small scale producers; investing in developing communities and environmental sustainability; and supporting fair prices for products, direct trade supply chains, and fair labor conditions.

Julier&Oliver utilizes strictly Fair Trade jewelry products – from metals and stones to packaging and paper production.

Plant a Tree

Juliet&Oliver donates 5% of all profits to eco-conscious organizations for planting trees and conserving forests. Juliet&Oliver is committed to contributing to the rising global consciousness about environmental care.

We believe we have a responsibility to restore balance and give back to the earth affected by jewelry-related mining by replenishing what we have taken from nature. We aim to give back to the environment through recycling our proceeds to efforts which will help replenish the land, such as tree planting and sustainable cultivation efforts.

Jewelry production and manufacturing in the global market has an enduring history of large-scale negatively impactful consequences on the environment through ethically-compromised systems for mining and extracting natural resources. One of the harmful consequences of the production, manufacturing and transportation of natural resources used in the jewelry industry is the increased emission of greenhouse gasses thereby contributing to global temperature rises and by way to the threat of global warming we currently face as mankind.

Planting trees is one effective way to replenish the natural resources lost in jewelry production and hinder the effects of greenhouse gasses contributing to global warming. On average, a person is responsible throughout his lifetime for 70 to 100 tons of greenhouse gasses through daily human activity. Since one tree alone can absorb an average of 0.7 tons of carbon dioxide (an atmospheric pollutant) throughout its lifespan, a person can “offset” their global footprint in terms of greenhouse gas emission by planting 200 trees.

By contributing to Juliet&Oliver’s tree-planting initiative through your purchase, you can get one step closer to this goal!

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Keeping with our goal of eco-friendly production, Juliet&Oliver is committed to eco-friendly packaging, using recycled and eco-friendly materials for all packaging:

Shipping Boxes – strong and robust recycled paper fit for secure delivery until it reaches the customer

Cotton Canvas Bags – reusable, biodegradable organic cotton canvas

Wire Binding – organic binding and natural linen (such as natural, biodegradable cotton) for wire lining

Cards, Envelopes & Tags – 50% recycled paper, meeting the international recycle paper standards

Shredded Paper – reused paper shreds from offices etc. for inner packaging in boxes

Jewelry Boxes – powerful and reliable eco-friendly box with standard velvet lining

Business Invoices, Letters & More – recycled paper for all paper materials

While it seems like a small contribution to the eco-consciousness movement, utilizing eco-friendly packaging methods such as recycled materials reduces the environmental burden of material production and waste disposal.

Recycled packaging helps preserve the natural environment by converting waste products into raw material which can then be transformed into new products. This cycle not only preserves our natural resources, but allows for a decreased emission of CO2 gasses into the environment. This serves as a working solution to the problems encountered with the common use of plastic packaging, which has proven to contribute to global warming as well as non-sustainable energy production and waste through its’ petrochemical compounds.

Conflict-Free Diamonds & Gemstones

When selecting a diamond jewelry from Juliet&Oliver, you can rest assured that you have made an ethical, conflict-free diamond purchase. Blood diamonds or diamonds mined in unethical war-zone regions and sold to finance armed rebellion, have regretfully made their way into the mainstream diamond industry.

Through our commitment to diamond purchases from only ethically-sourced production, we can guarantee a conflict-free diamond gemstone in your diamond jewelry purchase.